Susan Auch Oval Hours & Protocols

It is long track season! The season continues to be different from previous years, however the Susan Auch Oval is open for personal skating. If you want any training tips and guidelines, please email the coaches. Please see below for hours, rules and protocols which all need to be reviewed prior to using the Oval.


Mondays – Fridays: 12pm – 9pm
Weekends/Holidays: 12pm – 5pm 
All hours are weather dependent! Please give us time to clear the ice of snow.   

Rules & Protocols

*updated December 21, 2020* 
1. Wear a mask. 
2. Bring a lawn chair for putting on skates and gear.
3. Practice individual skills and keep it casual. 
4. Maintain physical distance of 6 feet at all times, and don’t engage in group activities of more than five people (unless you live with them!) 
5. No pucks or sticks are allowed. 
6. Skate in a counter-clockwise direction to help maintain physical distance. 
7. No organized practices, games or competitions are permitted. 
8. Dress before you come, since dressing rooms, warming shacks and other indoor facilities are closed.
9. Washrooms are also closed as they are an indoor facility. 
10. Public skaters and beginners, please use the outer lane of the Oval. Advanced speed skaters, use the inner lane of the Oval. 
11. No skating while the zamboni is on the ice or when any other ice maintenance is taking place.

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