Contacts + Coaches

2016/17 Executive Board

President – Silvia McInnes
email: president(at)winnipegspeedskating(dot)ca

Vice-President – vacant

Head Coach – Ken McInnes (NCCP# 5816074)

Treasurer   – Mario Bieringer

Secretary – Leslie Erlendson

Director, Membership – Genevieve Jones

Director, Fundraising – Bernie Atchison

Director, Equipment – Ken McInnes

Director, Bingo – Tanya Harrap

Coach Ken
Ken is back for another season of coaching.  He is a parent volunteer.

Coach Shayla
Shayla is joining us for another season as Assistant Coach.  She will coaching once a week.

Coach Ashleigh
Ashleigh is back after a year off from coaching.  She will be coaching once a week, as well as, help out at competitions.

Parent Volunteers – on-ice Safety Captains
Bernie Atchison
Mario Bieringer
Derek Eidse
Our parent volunteers are an invaluable asset to the club.  Their primary focus is the safety of all the skaters both on and off the ice. They will assist in coaching when a coach can’t be at practice.

The coaches believe that every skater will learn the skills of speed skating all while being safe and having fun. Over the season the goal is for the skaters to develop skills on the ice such as speed, agility, technique but also life skills such as teamwork, determination and self-confidence.

Throughout the season the skaters will be evaluated on their progress during practices and also at competitions. Ability meets are a great way to see how your speed has improved and also get to meet some of the other skaters from other clubs in Manitoba.