WSSC Board Meeting

Next Club Meeting
Monday, 11 January,  7:45pm
Cindy Klassen Rec Centre
All Club members are welcome to attend.

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Updated Calendar

The calendar has been updated with the practice times/locations for January to March 2016.  It also includes all dates for Long Track competitions – January will be a busy month.

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Weekly News Update – sent to members 27 Nov 2015

This week’s news/reminders

  1. Congratulations
  2. Registration confirmation email – “Confirm your SSC Membership Account”
  3. Upcoming Meets
  4. Skater privacy and safety – Please read


Nicolas participated in his first ever Speed Skating meet a couple of weeks ago.  I knew he’d had a good time, but I didn’t realize how great he did.  To participate in 3 events and come home with 2 ribbons that is awesome!! Congratulations!!  I understand that he would have had even more fun if he’d had some other WSSC skaters to cheer on.  I’ve seen some pretty great skating out there so I hope some of you will show the rest of the province how much fun you are having on the ice.

Registration confirmation email

MSSA and Speed Skate Canada (SSC) are implementing a new registration database.  As a result you can expect an email from with the subject “Confirm your SSC Membership Account”.  Your email server may have flagged it as spam so you need to check your spam folder.  Some of our club members received their email today.  Here is what Genevieve learned: “… people may see more than one if they used the same email contact for the skater and the associate — one would be for the associate (guardian) membership, and one would be for the skater. It is not evident that these are separate accounts. The individual needs to click on the link in each email received, and attempt to create an account (one for skater, and one for guardian). After the first screen, the message will likely be displayed that you have an existing account, and provide your user name. Then, reset your password. Voila!”

Upcoming Meets

We have two skaters registered for the December 6th Meet, so even if you don’t want to skate but don’t mind the drive to Beausejour you can cheer on Dominic E and Nicolas.  If anyone else registered for this meet please let me know.

I have included two MSSA documents that outline the rest of the meets this season.  One of these documents outlines registration deadlines, costs, location and times for the meets.  The other document indicates which clubs are hosting the meets and what is required of the hosting club.  You will notice that we co-host 3 meets.  We will need lots of parent help for those meets so be sure to make time for one or more on your calendar.

For those of you who are not sure about competing, but want to give it a try, I suggest you register for the Saturday Night under the Lights series.  They are short meets where every skater has only two races.  Times are still recorded but the atmosphere is much more relaxed.

For those of you who want to combine a bit of pre-Christmas shopping around Minneapolis I have included the registration form for the John Rose Minnesota Open Meet (long track) in Roseville, MN.  They expect more than 100 skaters.  Closer to home that weekend is the first long track event on the Susan Auch Oval (provided the ice is ready).  This is a Silver Skate event and will have no registration fee (if you register by the deadline).

Skater privacy and safety

One of the many forms that you signed at the start of the season was a Media Release form.  You may have noticed me in the penalty box taking pictures and video of the practice sessions.  Our plan is to show these videos at the end of the season and compare our skating technique from the start of the season to what we look like at the end of the season.  I may also upload them to our website in a ‘member only’ section of the site.  As our Media Release policy states, as a club we take the personal safety of all skaters very serious.  We cannot control what others will do with images and/or video, but as a club we will try our best to keep everyone safe.  On that note, I have been approached by several parents (and one of the coaches) concerned about their skater being included in pictures/video taken by other parents.  We ask that all parents if they do take pictures to only take pictures of their skater.  We want this club to be a fun and safe place for everyone and so we ask that you respect each other’s right to privacy.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Weekly News Update – sent to members 14 Nov 2015

This week’s news:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Equipment
  • Skater Safety
  • Coaching Corner

Upcoming Events

  • ST Ability Meet, Portage La Prairie (15 November) – they are still looking for help, if you have time go to the volunteer online portal (  If you want to cheer on Nicolas in his speed skating debut, be at the PCU Centre, 245 Royal Rd South in Portage La Prairie by 10:30.  He is scheduled to race throughout the day – 400 meter heats and final (I’m confident he can do it), 200 meter pursuit, 1500 meter mass start, and he’ll be part of a team relay race.
  • ST Ability Meet, Beauséjour (6 December) – I have included the registration form for this meet.  The early bird registration deadline is Wednesday, November 25th.
  • Don’t want to leave the house to cheer on Nicolas, but still want to see some skating, long track this time, then tune in to CBC Sports to watch the action at the Calgary Olympic Oval this weekend.  You can find the World Cup broadcasting schedule here


Coaching Corner

You may have noticed the skaters doing a couple of drills and you’re not sure why we do them.  Both the train relay (where one skaters pushes 2 skaters in front of him/her) and the obstacle course (where the skaters need to touch the tops of pylons) are meant to help them with their skating techniques.  The basic glide position may look easy, but it’s tough on the legs, back and core muscles.  You can tell when the skaters get tired because they start skating more in the upright position rather than the basic position.  There are some simple exercises the skaters can do off the ice to train/strengthen those muscles: wall squats, balancing on one leg (either standing straight or in basic position) and doing the basic position without skaters will all help.  As hard as basic position is on the muscles, it makes for a much more effective and longer stride so you use less energy propelling yourself forward.

Two lunges to try

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News Releases

News Release: Ottawa, November 2, 2015 – Intact Insurance Company, Speed Skating Canada’s major sponsor, announced today that the Tornades de Châteauguay (Châteauguay, QC), Club de patinage de vitesse de Lévis (Lévis, QC), the Restigouche Comets (Restigouche, N.B.), as well as the Mackenzie (MacKenzie, B.C.), Norman Wells (Norman Wells, NT) and Quinte Blades (Belleville, ON) Speed Skating Clubs, were each awarded a $1,000 bursary as part of the 2015-2016 Podium Tracker program.

Last weekend, Canadian skaters won a total of 6 individual medals at the ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating in Montreal, Canada.

Marianne St-Gelais won a gold medal in the 500m and a silver medal in the 1000m events, Charles Hamelin won a gold medal in the 1000m, Charle Cournoyer won a silver medal in the 500m, Kim Boutin won a silver medal in the 1500m, and Samuel Girard won a silver medal in the 1000m.

Canada also won the silver medal in the women’s relay event.

The Intact Podium Tracker Program tracks individual medals won by Canadian short and long track speed skaters in World Cups and World Championships. Each time an athlete steps onto the podium, Intact Insurance donates $1,000 to a local speed skating club in Canada.

News Release: Ottawa, May 21, 2015 – Intact Insurance Company, Speed Skating Canada’s major sponsor, announced today that 42 Canadian speed skating clubs were each awarded a $1,000 bursary as part of the 2014-2015 Podium Tracker program, for a total donation of $42,000.  Check out the video.

Thank you

A huge thank you to our local sponsors who are helping us raise the funds to upgrade our crash mat inventory.  Please check out the Fundraising + Sponsors page for a complete list.

For the latest Speed Skating News…

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