Give Speed Skating a Try

Are you interested in giving speed skating a try, without the commitment of a full club membership? Come join us as a drop-in skater! 

We offer a rate of $20 for a 75-minute beginner session during our regular club practice times (Mondays 6:00-7:30 PM, Thursdays 6:15-7:30 PM). This includes the rental of speed skates, safety helmet, neck guard, gloves, and knee pads.

Skaters ages 6 to adult, with some prior skating experience, are welcome. (You should already be able to stand on skates, including hockey or figure skates, and make your way around the rink unsupported.)

If you decide to join the club as a full member, the drop-in fees will be applied to your membership dues.

Please contact us at to let us know your boot size and when you would like to come, and we will get the skates ready for you.

Registration notes

Drop-in registration is intended to increase the accessibility of speed skating by providing a low-barrier introduction to the sport. If you are interested in continuing beyond four sessions, we will convert you to a full club membership and apply the drop-in fee payments to the pro-rated annual club fees.

The Speed Skating Manitoba “Introduction to Speed Skating” and Speed Skating Canada “Club Athlete” memberships should apply automatically to your registration in the IceReg online platform. Each membership costs $10 and is valid for a full year.